Demand fell off the cliff this month, mainly driven by enforcement concerns and expectations of price fall in the future (due to increasing supply). Aggregate demand reduced to 161,000 RECs from 350,000 last month (-54%). On the other hand, supply of RECs increased from 360,000 to 467,000 (increase of 30%). Of these, 158,000 RECs were sold (last month – 236,000; down by 33%).

Detailed analysis of Non-solar REC trading:

The market clearing price on IEX and PXIL was Rs. 2,000 and Rs.2,202 respectively. (Last month it was Rs. 2,402 at IEX and Rs. 2,460 at PXIL; down 17% and 10% respectively).

The price fall is not surprising, given the steep fall in demand. The low demand and cleared volume leaves an overhang of close to 350,000 RECs this month. Next month this is likely to result in significant oversupply, putting further pressure on prices.

Detailed analysis of Solar REC trading:

In the third session of Solar REC trading demand fell marginally from last month (from 9,619 to 8,754; down 9%). RECs bid for sale also reduced marginally to 549 from 563 last month (-2%). The market clearing price on both power exchanges was Rs. 12,800 (Its rose from Rs.12750 on IEX and Rs.12506 on PXIL). Only 179 Solar RECs were sold (last month it was 342).

Total market value exceeded Rs 32 crore, of which Rs 22 lakhs were from Solar RECs. This is down 44% in aggregate.


The Hindu quoted Vishal Pandya of REConnect which covered the July trading news:

“With the market starting high during initial months of the financial year itself, we were actually expecting this. However, with prices declining in REC, we can expect new buyers emerging and, hence, prices getting stabilised after few months,” Mr Vishal Pandya, Director, REConnect