Non-solar RECs

Volumes reduced sharply and prices remained at floor price for the third month.(Rs.1500/REC at IEX and PXIL; from September). Only 1.32 lakh RECs were redeemed this month (down by 41% from last month). The total supply was more than 12.3 lakhs (up by 21% from last month).

The demand has been falling drastically due to lack of enforcement of RPO regulations by state electricity regulatory commissions. Clearing ratios were approximately 8.7 % on IEX and 25 % on PXIL.


Solar RECs

Demand reduced by 23.3% from last month (3,363 in October) as well as the supply (down by 10% from last month).


The market clearing price on IEX was Rs 12,720 and on PXIL was Rs 12,100 (last month it was Rs 12,500 on PXIL and Rs.12,680 on IEX). The total Solar RECs cleared was 1,219 ( last month it was 1,791). Supply was unusually high last month as some projects were issued RECs for several months at a time.