On 14th December 2012, Hon’ble Chattisgarh State Electricity Regulatory Commission (CSERC) rolled out its pooled cost of power purchase for Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Ltd. (CSPDCL), Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP-TEED) and Jindal Steel (JSPL). As per this order, APPC for FY13 is shown below

DISCOM FY 2010-11 FY 2011-12 FY 2012-13 CAGR
CSPDCL Rs. 1.62/kWh Rs. 1.67/kWh Rs. 2.11/kWh 9.21%
BSP-TEED Rs. 4.02/kWh Rs. 3.26/kWh Rs. 4.66/kWh 5.05%
JSPL Rs. 3.00/kWh Rs. 3.00/kWh Rs. 3.00/kWh 0.00%

As per relevant CSERC regulations – “Pooled Cost of Power Purchase? means the weighted average pooled price at which the distribution licensee has purchased the electricity including cost of self generation, if any, in the previous year from all the long-term and short-term energy suppliers, but excluding those based on renewable energy sources, as the case may be.” which is in line with that of CERC and followed by most states.

As per our analysis, the percentage increase in APPC for CSPDCL for FY11 – FY12 has been around 3.08% whereas for FY12 – FY13, a steep increase of 26.34% has been recorded. Likewise, APPC for BSP-TEED increased by a whopping 42.9 %. On the contrary, the APPC for JSPL has remained at Rs. 3.00/unit for all three years (APPC for FY11 & FY12). The increase in APPC for CSPDCL and BSP-TEED can mainly be attributed to the fact that power purchase from central generating stations (CGS) has increased from 4789 MUs in FY11 to 8062 MUs in FY13 and short-term power purchase has almost doubled from 1215 MUs in FY11 to 2083 MUs in FY13 (courtesy: CSERC MYT Order FY11-12).