Karnataka APPC to remain the same till June 2013

KERC issued a gazetted notification dated 02.04.2013, in which it has notified that the pooled cost of power purchase as determined vide its notification dated 27.06.2012 as Rs. 2.60 per unit will remain in effect till 30th June 2013.

The notification says that – “for the purpose of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission hereby continues the pooled cost at Rs. 2.60/unit till 30th June 2013 or further notification, whichever is earlier.” The Commission has proposed this as an interim measure since it would take some time before power purchase cost for FY13 is finalized.

KERC asserted that the variation in pooled cost based on actual power purchase cost of FY13 shall be adjusted in the future bills accordingly.

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