Uttarakhand on 26th September 2013 unveiled the “average power purchase cost” for FY14. UERC has considered the power purchase data of FY13 to arrive at APPC for current fiscal. The following is the definition of APPC being followed in Uttarakhand –

“weighted average pooled price at which the distribution licensee has purchased the  electricity including the cost of self generation, if any, in the previous year from all the energy suppliers long-term and short-term, but excluding those based on renewable energy sources, as the case may be.”

Based on power purchase expenses of FY13 furnished by UPCL to UERC, an APPC rate of Rs.2.72 per unit has been finalized.  With the deceleration of this rate, the effective realization for RE generators of the state under the APPC + REC model accounts to be Rs. 4.22 per unit.

For copy of the order and details of power purchase expenses considered, click here.