Jodhpur vidyut vitran nigam Limited has submitted to RERC the proposition to finalize the APPC for FY 2011-12 as the audited for  financial year ending by March 2011, are now available.

RERC in an order dated 2nd Nov, 2011 had determined the APPC of Rajasthan to be Rs. 2.57 per unit on provisional basis. In the petition filed ,  the Jodhpur DISCOM, as per audited accounts for FY11 has worked out the APPC of FY 2011-12 to be Rs. 2.7350 per unit. Comments on the same were invited by RERC no latter than 15th Oct 2013. This increase in APPC if finalized will be 6.42 % higher than that declared previously.

The working excel on the same can be accessed on the home-page of RERC –

It will be pertinent to note that RERC, unlike most states, in its definition of APPC, excludes short term power purchase also along with renewable energy. APPC in Rajasthan is defined as –

“The weighted average price at which the distribution licensee has purchased the electricity including cost of self generation, if any, in the previous year from all the energy suppliers, excluding short term power purchases and those based on renewable energy.”

APPC for FY 2012-13 can be known by clicking here.