Joint ERC proposes amendment to RPO regulations

JERC; the joint electricity regulatory commission for the state of Goa and UTs has recently proposed a draft to its principal RPO regulations of 2010. The main highlight of the amendment is the declaration of RPO targets from FY14-FY22. The targets set for the years till FY22 are as in the table below:

There were few other changes in definitions as:

1. Renewable Energy Sources – Electricity generating sources recognised or approved by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy and includes bundled power purchase (to the extent of renewable energy content in the bundled power), power generated  from cogeneration based power plants and certified by the state accredited agency. 

2. Obligated Entity – the entity mandated under clause (e) of sub-section (1) section 86 of the Act to fulfill the renewable purchase obligation under these regulations and includes distribution licensee, captive user for 1 MW and above with fossil fuel (excluding co-generation based captive power plants) and open access consumer.

3. Renewable Purchase Obligation – quantum as mandated under clause (e) of sub-section (1) of section 86 of the Act and specified under these regulations for the obligated entity to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources. 


Comments on this were invited by 23.01.2014.

The draft order on amendment can be accessed here.

Principal RPO regulations 2010 of JERC are available here.


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