Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) in its notification dated 2nd Sep 2014, has announced net metering regulations for Renewable Energy, which will in turn allow many households and organizations in Delhi to generate and supply power to the grid and avail the benefits of units supplied in their electricity bills.

A brief summary of the Regulation is given in table below:

The new regulation is definitely a major initiative taken by DERC to promote the Solar Energy Generation in the state. It will help DISCOM’s to fulfill their RPO, which they were not able to meet in the previous years.

In a state like Delhi, this policy may bring positive changes, where the tariff for non-domestic consumers varies between 7-8 Rs. Per unit, such consumers may come forward and avail the benefits of the new regulation.

The tariffs for procuring power has not been defined yet, but it is expected to come out soon. When that happens, consumers will be able to determine viability of the projects.

The Net Metering Regulation can be accessed here.

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Contributed by Chetan Adhikari.