CERC Proposes Tariff for RE Sources for FY 15-16

The Central Electricity regulatory Commission (CERC) in its notification dated 3rd march 2015, has proposed tariff’s for Renewable Energy Projects. The Commission through a public notice has invited comments and suggestions from all stake holder or interested parties by 18th March 2015.

The details of the tariff proposed can be found in the table below:

The tariff being proposed by CERC is less than the tariff finalized by commission for FY 14-15 in case of Solar and Wind projects while it has been slightly increased for small hydro projects.

A graph for change in tariff for solar, wind and small hydro projects is as below:

The slight reduction in proposed tariff for wind and solar projects can be a results of the reduction in the capital cost being incurred in this projects. while for other projects the increase is result of increase in the capital cost of this projects.

The CERC drafts can be accessed here.

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