Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (for the State of Goa and Union Territories) has notified the new regulation for Grid connected Solar Power projects to promote the development of Solar Energy. This regulations will apply only to the Grid Connected Solar Power Projects, whether Ground Mounted or Rooftop mounted, and will be applicable to the grid connected solar PV and solar thermal projects.

Key Points of the regulation –

  • Solar PV and or Solar Thermal power projects of capacity equal to or more than 500 kWp, and Rooftop projects of capacity equal to or more than 1 kWp but not more than 500 kWp, higher capacity can be allowed by licensee under stable system condition.
  • Consumers can opt either Net metering scheme or gross metering scheme.
  • Open access is allowed for third party owned projects ¬†generating Solar Power Units.
  • The regulation will remain in force for three years.
  • The solar power generators¬† has been be exempted from charges in respect of electricity banking, wheeling, line losses and cross subsidy to the extent of Energy produced.
  • Consumer can avail the options of either settling excess energy at preferential tariff at the end of each billing cycle or carrying it forward until the end of the settlement period.

Solar RPO Applicability

  • Net Metered or Gross Metered Consumer: All energy produced by the solar project (self consumption and excess) shall be accounted towards RPO of the Discom.
  • Open Access Consumer: In case the consumer is an OA consumer and also a generator of Solar power, then the quantum of energy generated by the project will be accounted towards his own RPO.

Eligibility for REC’s

  • Net-metering injection is not eligible for REC.
  • Sale of power to Discom at APPC will be eligible for REC, as per CERC REC regulation 2010 and JERC regulations.

The regulation can be read here.