Meghalaya State Electricity Regulatory Commission (MSERC) on 12th March has finalized its new regulation for renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO). The regulation will be called as MSERC (Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation & its compliance) Regulations, 2015.

The regulations will come into force from the date of their publication In the Official Gazette and will remain operative until it is revised. The minimum quantum of RPO (in %) defined under the regulation are in the graphs below:


The previous RPO regulation of the state gave RPO till FY 12-13 only after that the same was being considered for FY 13-14 & FY 14-15 as there was no RPO defined. The RPO target of the commission for FY 12-13 was only 1% (Wind 0.20, Solar % 0.4 % and others 0.4 %).

As can be seen from the graphs above, the total RPO target for the defined period is nowhere close to the NAPCC targets, and even the targets defined for Solar RPO are significantly lower than the National Tariff Policy (NTP) 2006 Solar targets. The low RPO targets are due to the fact that the NE states do not have significant RE potential, and due to low retail tariffs in the states, higher RPO may have significant impact on retail tariffs.

The Relevant order can be accessed here.

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