Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) through an order dated 17th April 2015 has finalized the retail tariff for the state for FY 15-16.

The tariff defined by the commission are given below:

The tariff given by the commission for industrial consumer did not see any change between the tariff of FY 13-14 & FY 14-15. This year the commission has increased the tariff The graph below shows the change between the tariff of FY 14-15 & The tariff of FY 15-16:

Wheeling Charges: The wheeling charges for voltage level up to 33kV will be Rs. 0.23 per unit.

Cross Subsidy Surcharge: The cross subsidy surcharge for FY 15-16 has been worked out at Rs 1.82 per unit.

Transmission losses: The EHT transmission loss is set at 5.32% and for 33 kV (only 33 kV system) @ 5.83%.

Transmission Charges: The transmission charges for FY 15-16 will be Rs. 0.50 Per unit.

The commission has also mentioned that the wheeling and cross subsidy surcharge will not be applicable for consumer availing open access from all RE sources.

The commission order can be accessed here.