The PSERC (Punjab Electricity Regulatory Commission) on 24th July 2015 has finalized the tariff for Renewable Sources of Energy. The tariff will be applicable for the projects to be commissioned during the year 2015-16. Previously in the May 2015, the commission notified a draft for the determination of the RE tariff and invited comments and suggestion. After considering all the submitted comments and suggestions the commission has come out with the final tariff. The brief details of the tariff finalized are provided in the table below:

The Graph below shows the comparison between the tariffs defined by the PSERC and the Tariff of CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission):

As it can be seen in the graph above that the tariff finalized by PSERC in previous years has remained in line with the CERC and that the commission has done the same for the current financial year also. The tariff for solar energy has reduced by close to 9%, while for wind and small hydro it has been increased by approx. 3.75% and 4.10% respectively.

The more details on the tariff order can be read here.