The Commission, in its Order dated 1st January, 2015 on BESCOM’s Review Petition noted that there was substantial reduction in the capital cost of grid connected solar power plants.

Therefore, it examined the need to curtail the present control period and re-determine the tariff in separate proceedings, in the midcourse. The Commission, in modification of its Order dated 10th October, 2013, decided that the norms and tariff determined in this Order shall be applicable to all new grid connected MW scale solar PV and solar thermal power plants, entering into Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) on or after 1st September, 2015 to 31st March, 2018.

For determining the tariff of the same, comments/suggestion of the stakeholders on the capital cost, operational and financial parameters were invited. The table below depicts the proposed capital costs for solar PV projects and solar thermal projects before and after the midcourse re-determination of tariff.

Based on the comments and suggestions received from various stakeholders on the abstract of the parameters considered for determination of the tariff, the commission approved the following tariff on 30th July 2015 which differs from the earlier determined tariff.

The final commission order can be read here.