RECs demand has been steadily rising, and this month results have been very encouraging. Non Solar REC’s and Solar REC’s traded this month were 9.5% and 533% higher compared to trading session of October. The total transaction value of REC’s hit a sum total of Rs 65.5 crores, compared to Rs. 36.5 crores last month.

Analysis of Trading:

Non Solar – Clearing ratio in exchange were at 1.44% and 1.90% in IEX and PXIL respectively for Non Solar REC’s. A total of 2, 31,545 RECs were traded in this trading session (in October 2, 11,442 RECs were traded)Clearing ratio at PXIL reduced marginally but picked up on IEX, as compared to last month.

Solar – Clearing ratio stood at 2.07% and 4.97% in IEX and PXIL respectively, compared to 0.54% and 0.33% last month. A total of 87,767 REC’s were sold in this session, 6.33 times compared to October.

Trading volumes are expected to increase significantly going forward, as most obligated entities are now gearing up to fulfill their obligation considering that only 4 trading sessions are remaining in the current FY . Further, this year we have seen regulatory action in the form of compliance orders and/ or proceedings in several states like Orissa, Kerala, UP, MP and Maharashtra, to name a few. Overall the market showed clear signs of recovery, and is expected to grow further in the closing months of the FY.

The October’s trade results can be accessed here.