Maharashtra published RPO regulations covering the period FY 2016-17 to FY 2019-20. The highlights of the regulation are:


  • RPO % in FY 2016-17 is 11% in total (10% non-solar and 1% solar). This will increase to 15% by FY 2019-20 (11.5% non-solar and 3.5% solar)


  • The regulations are broadly in line with the standard regulations of RPO across various states, except the following clauses:


  • RPO is no longer exempt on co-generation power. The Statement of Reasons (SOR) accompanying the regulations refers to the National Tariff Policy as a reason for removing exemption from RPO on co-gen power.


  • RPO is applicable only on consumption of conventional power. This is a significant deviation as the Electricity Act/ CERC/ other states require calculation of RPO on “total consumption”. By leaving out RE power from RPO calculation, Maharashtra risks providing double benefit to RE generators – it is possible that a consumer that consumes power from RE sources does not attract RPO provisions and at the same time claims offset of such RE power towards meeting RPO on conventional power.


  • RPO is applicable on CPPs with installed capacity of 5MW or more and open access consumers with a contract demand of 5 MVA or more. This will leave out significant open access and captive capacity form the ambit of RPO applicability.

The regulation can be accessed here.