Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) has proposed an increase in tariff for procurement of wind power. The higher tariff is on account of a rise in capital costs of setting up a wind power project in Gujarat.

GERC has come out with a draft discussion paper on tariff fixation and has invited stake holders to file objections before June 10, 2016. According to the draft paper, the capital cost of setting up a wind power project in Gujarat increased from Rs 6.06 crore per MW to Rs 6.13 crore per MW.

The graph below gives a comparison of the wind tariff determined over the few years:



Cross Subsidy Charges, Transmission and Wheeling Charges:

1.      Cross Subsidy Charges:

According to the earlier orders, the commission had exempted third party sale of wind energy from the cross subsidy surcharge. Also  the cross-subsidy surcharge all open access transactions from wind power projects.

  • 25% of the cross subsidy surcharge as applicable to normal open access consumer shall be applicable.

2. Wheeling of power for Captive Use

a. In Case of wheeling of power to consumption site at 66 kV voltage level and above, normal open access charges and losses as applicable to normal open access consumer.

b.  In case the injection of power is at 66 kV or above and drawl is at 11 kV, normal transmission charges and losses are applicable; however 50% of wheeling charges and 50% of distribution losses of the energy fed into the grid as applicable to normal open access consumers.


3.Wheeling of power to more than one locations

Wind power projects owners , who decide to wheel electricity for captive use / third party sale , to more than one location, shall pay 5 Paisa/KWh on energy fed in the grid to the distribution company concerned in addition to transmission charges and losses, as applicable.


4. Energy Metering

  • Wind projects shall have to provide ABT compliant meters at the interface points
  • Metering shall be done at interconnection point of the generator bus-bar with the transmission or distribution system concerned. Pricing of Reactive Power
  • 10 paise/kVARh– For the drawl of reactive energy at 10% or less of the net energy exported.
  • 25 paise/kVARh– For the drawl of reactive energy at more than 10% of the net active energy exported

5.Banking of Surplus Wind Energy

As promotional measure, it is proposed to continue the banking facility for 1 billing cycle for the wind power captive projects wheeling electricity for own use.

  • For captive wind energy projects, the surplus energy after one month’s banking is considered for purchase by distribution licensee at 85% of the wind tariff.
  • For third party wind energy sale, the surplus energy after 15 minutes time block is considered for purchase by distribution licensee at the rate of 85% of the tariff declared by the Commission. The order can be accessed here.