Analysis of Regulation on Forecasting and Scheduling of Wind and Solar Generating Stations at State level in Karnataka

In the follow-up after Draft Regulation on Forecasting & Scheduling for the Wind & Solar projects at Intra State level in Karnataka and based on the mechanism suggested in the Model Regulation, KERC has finally released the notification for DSM regulation on Forecasting and Scheduling for wind and solar in Karnataka.

Executive Summary:

 Forecasting and scheduling will be mandatory for all wind generators having a combined installed capacity of 10 MW and 5 MW for wind and solar respectively at the pooling station.

 Deviations will be calculated on the basis of Available Capacity (AvC).

 The deviation slab has been kept as (+/-) 15% for all the wind and solar generators beyond which penalty is applicable at fixed rate as defined below.

 Settlement will be done through the “Qualified Coordinating Agency” or QCA, or the “Aggregator”.

 SCADA & Telemetry data is to be mandatorily provided to SLDC. Protocols for the same shall be determined later by the SLDC through the detailed procedures.

 Provision of six months for existing wind and solar generators to comply with the regulation from the date of publication of these regulations in the official gazette.

 All the new wind and solar generators which shall be commissioned after six months from the effective date of the regulation shall comply these norms before commissioning of the project and connecting with the state grid.

 16 revisions allowed during the intraday with each revision effective from 4th time block.

 Payment for generation shall be as per the actual generation.

Error Calculation:

% Error (deviation) = 100 x (Actual Generation – Scheduled Generation)/ Available Capacity (AvC)

The penalty mechanism based on % deviation for all obligated generators:

The final order can be accessed here.


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