The Forum of Regulators (FoR) had come up with model regulations for forecasting and scheduling at the intra-state level last year. In line with that Chhattisgarh recently came up with its Intra-state deviation settlement Regulation.

Executive Summary:

  • The regulations will be applicable on all wind and solar generators with individual or combined capacity of 5MW and above that are connected to the state grid
  • Deviation will be calculated on the basis of available capacity

The draft regulations are in-line in every aspect with the model F&S regulations released by FoR earlier. However, the model FoR regulations had proposed a 10% deviation band for new projects and 15% for existing projects. Chhattisgarh has proposed a 10% band for all projects for both Solar and Wind.

Detailed Analysis:

Forum of Regulators have recently come up with model regulation for forecasting and scheduling and deviation settlement mechanism. The primary objective is twofold:

a) Facilitate large-scale grid integration of solar and wind generating stations, and b) maintaining grid stability and security.

Highlights of the regulation are below: –

  • All solar and wind generators connected to State grid have to provide day-ahead and week-ahead schedule – Revisions can be made on a one-and-half hourly basis.
  • Payment for generation shall be as per actual generation (this is different from the inter-state regulation, where payment is on the basis of scheduled generation).
  • The deviation slab has been kept as (+/-) 10% for all generators at Intra-state level.

Settlement calculation or Intra-state sale of power is as follows:

In case of Intra-State transmission, Penalty Mechanism for wind/solar generators:

The regulation can be accessed here.