The Ministry of Power (MoP) had recently declared the national RPO trajectory.  The order had enlisted the yearly RPO trajectory for both non-solar and solar power purchase from 2016-17 till 2018-19. Following the steps of MoP RPO trajectory, Chhattisgarh and now Himachal Pradesh have notified its third amendment to the Renewable Power Purchase Obligation and its Compliance, regulations.

The regulation will be applicable to:

  • The distribution licensee
  •  Or any person, consuming electricity procured from conventional sources through open access third party sale,
  • Or person who installs Captive Generating Plant, with an installed capacity exceeding 5 MVA, requirements also.

The table below shows the Minimum Quantum of Purchase in percentage (%) from renewable sources (in terms of energy in kWh) of total consumption:

The said obligations will be applicable on total consumption of electricity by an obligated entity, excluding consumption met from hydro electric sources of power.


  • RPO to be applied on co-generation power
  •  Consumption from hydro sources to be excluded
  • RPO % is proposed to increase steeply – from 11.50% in 2016-17 to 17% in 2018-19 line with the MoP Trajectory. However, in effect the overall RPO of the HP will fall as 77% of the power consumed in the state comes from hydro sources.
  • In year 2011, HPERC had come up with a ten year long RPO Trajectory ranging from 10% (including both solar & non solar) in 2011-12 to 19% in 2021- 22. The commission now proposes to increase its RPO target in comparison to its earlier trajectory. However, in 2016-17, RPO % is will be reduced. The graph given below gives a comparison between the MoP recent RPO Trajectory and HPERC’s earlier RPO Trajectory

The graph given below gives a comparison between the MoP recent RPO Trajectory and HPERC’s earlier RPO Trajectory:


As the graph indicates HPERC has increased its RPO target by 2.25% to be achieved by 2018-19. Since Himachal Pradesh mostly thrives on the energy produced through Hydro Power, the state could be a beneficiary since RPO is excluded from RPO obligation as per the regulation.

The graph below shows the total and type of energy consumption by the state of Himachal Pradesh. The data has been derived from CEA Report.


Almost 3/4th energy of the total consumption comes from the Hydro Power. Its an added advantage for the state that RPO is exempted from the power consumed through Hydro sources, thus this in turn will reduce the cost of power from the state.

The regulation can be accessed here.

The CEA Report could be accessed here