This month trading saw stagnant results in respect to the demand for Non-Solar REC’s. The demand for solar REC saw marginal improvement in respect to the last month. The total transaction value stood at 53.6 Crores in comparison to 50.6 Crores last month.


Analysis of Trading:


Non Solar – The clearing ratio stood at 1.85% and 2% in both IEX and PXIL, with a significant increase of 2.25% in the no. of REC’s traded as compared to last month

Solar – Clearing ratio stood at 1.13 % and 0.96% in IEX and PXIL respectively, with an increase of 17.5% in total demand of Solar RECs as compared to last month.


This month also saw significant increase in total REC issuance, where the demand increased by 9 lakh in comparison to October. This could be attributed due to the impact of CERC’s 4th amendment to RECs regulations.