The fifteenth trading session of ESCerts took place today.


BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency), in its circular dated 02.01.2018 has announced an extension of the last date for compliance of PAT Cycle – 1 to 19th January 2018 from 31st December 2017. No change in the timings of trading have been proposed by BEE.

This extension has been granted since out of 384 DCs, application for 33 are still under approval process by the registry.


In total, there was a demand for 145,150 ESCerts, a decrease of nearly 60.34% from last week. This demand was against a total supply of 777,567 ESCerts (decrease of 28.96% since last week).  Market clearing price was determined at Rs 500/ ESCert (the price determined last week was Rs 899 per ESCert), with 28,983 ESCerts sold (value traded decreased by 92.7%; the total traded value was Rs 1.45 crore).

The trading data provided by IEX on their website can be accessed here.



Source: IEX