The Ministry of Power has released an order  which provides extension on the waiver of intra-state transmission charges and losses for transmission of electricity generated from solar and wind sources. As per the last order dated 14 June 2017, MoP had provided an extension on the waiver of transmission charges for electricity procured from solar and wind sources till 31.12.2019. This waiver has been further extended to 31 March 2022 for electricity transmitted both the sources of renewable energy.


The waiver shall be applicable for 25 years from the date of commissioning of the projects and only on those projects entering into PPAs with distribution licensees for sale of electricity for compliance of their RPO. The order also states that the waiver shall be applicable to projects awarded through competitive bidding process.


This order continues to encompass the same issues present in the previous orders. It is only applicable to solar projects from which the electricity will be sold to the DISCOMs. Secondly, it will only be on those solar projects entering PPAs for the compliance of RPO.

ESCerts trading for PAT cycle II begins, says BEE

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has released a notification stating that the trading of ESCerts for PAT cycle II shall begin from 27th February, 2018 and shall be held on every last Tuesday of the month. The buyers and sellers from PAT cycle 1 shall be eligible for the trading of banked ESCerts.


Those DCs who have not submitted the copies of Form-D and have already met their compliance in PAT cycle I have the chance to submit it to BEE through post/ courier by 31st January 2018.


Non-solar demand was marginally lower than in January 2017, and also significantly than last month. However, it must be kept in mind that last month traded volumes were at a record high, and overall, this year has seen significantly higher demand.

In total 12.30 lakh RECs were traded (19.04% lower than January 2017, and 76.41% lower than in December 2017), and clearing ratios on IEX and PXIL were 7.83% and 30.55% respectively. Total traded value was Rs 184 crores*.
REConnect shifted its major volume on PXIL in a timely manner this trade session due to higher demand, resulting in higher clearing.
Trading of solar RECs continues to be suspended due to the stay imposed by the Supreme Court.
*This value is calculated considering the rate of Rs 1500 per REC out of which Rs 1000 go to the generator and Rs 500 is retained by CERC
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