Non-solar demand was marginally lower than in January 2017, and also significantly than last month. However, it must be kept in mind that last month traded volumes were at a record high, and overall, this year has seen significantly higher demand.

In total 12.30 lakh RECs were traded (19.04% lower than January 2017, and 76.41% lower than in December 2017), and clearing ratios on IEX and PXIL were 7.83% and 30.55% respectively. Total traded value was Rs 184 crores*.
REConnect shifted its major volume on PXIL in a timely manner this trade session due to higher demand, resulting in higher clearing.
Trading of solar RECs continues to be suspended due to the stay imposed by the Supreme Court.
*This value is calculated considering the rate of Rs 1500 per REC out of which Rs 1000 go to the generator and Rs 500 is retained by CERC