Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) recently announced the (Forecasting, Scheduling, Deviation Settlement and Related Matters of Solar and Wind Generation Sources) Regulations, 2018

The key points of the regulations are as below:

  • The regulations are applicable to all solar (excluding rooftop solar covered under UPERC RSPV regulations) and wind energy plants in Uttar Pradesh connected to the intra-state transmission system and having an installed capacity of 5 MW & above.
  • The solar or wind generation plants with an installed capacity of 5 MW or more, using the power generated for captive consumption will also be covered under these regulations.
  • Each pooling station having a minimum combined installed capacity of 5 MW will have one QCA, However, in case a particular solar or wind generator having a capacity of 50 MW or more, then such generators will act as a QCA provided that such generator is connected alone to a pooling station.
  • Wind and solar generators under these regulations will be required to provide metering with a provision for recording and storing all the load survey and billing parameters for every 15-mn time block as specific in CEA regulations governing metering.
  • A penalty will be imposed in case of failure of generator/QCA to provide data as directed by SLDC or error in the data provided as below:

  • In case of failure of the generators/QCA comply with the above timelines, a penalty of INR 25,000/- per day will be levied.