The March trade session saw an increase in the price trend maintaining the pattern of the previous trade sessions. The demand scenario was on the higher side while the supply remained. The demand-supply scenario has been consistently this way since the past few months. March being the financial year-end, the price of solar soared high at 2000 as there was a rush among the obligated entities to abide by their obligations.

Non-Solar: This session the RECs were traded at the price of INR 1395 at PXIL (39.5% above the floor price) and INR 1500 at IEX (50% above the floor price). A total of 8,31,378 RECs were traded in this session leaving an inventory of 18,72,826 Non-Solar RECs.

Solar: Total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 3,46,383 RECs traded at Rs 1700 at PXIL (70% above the floor price) and at Rs 2000 at IEX (100% above the floor price).

The overall trade volume (11,77,761 RECs) decreased by almost 5.08% from the last months’ trade volume (12,40,849 RECs).