The distribution companies of Gujarat along with the state-owned Generation & transmission utilities filed petitions to determine the tariffs, wheeling charges & distribution losses for the FY 2019-2020. The Key highlights from the order are as follow:

  • There has been no increase in the power tariff for the consumers of State-owned Discoms and Torrent Power Limited (Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar and Surat area)
  • The number of slabs in Residential Tariff is reduced from 5 to 4 so as to simplify the present structure.

The Slab of 100- 200 units and 200-250 units are merged into one slab of 100-250 units. Due to this, there will be a reduction of 10 Paise/unit in energy charge for the consumption falling under the earlier slab of 200-250 units; This change also carried out for the consumers of Torrent Power Limited- Surat area along with all the other discoms in Gujarat.

  • The benefit of Optional Demand Based Tariff extended to small consumers up to 6 kW of contract demand.

Wheeling charges, losses, distribution losses & Cross Subsidy Surcharges

The wheeling charges for four discoms (UGVCL, PGVCL, DGCVL, MGVCL) for FY 19-20 applicable to GENCOs or captive power plants permitted for Open Access under the electricity act, 2003 are as follows:

Distribution losses for HT & LT network are 10% & 5.05% respectively. In case the injection is at 11kV & drawal is at LT level, in that case, loss of 12.75% is to be applied at the 11kV injection network.

*Tariff Policy, 2016 provides that the surcharge shall not exceed 20% of the tariff applicable to the category of the consumers seeking Open Access.

Charges for Torrent (Ahmedabad & Surat)