Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission recently announced partial amendments to the (Terms and Conditions for determination of Tariff from Renewable Energy Sources, Renewable Purchase Obligation and Renewable Energy Certificate) Regulations, 2017. This is the second amendment of the regulation. The new changes published are as follows:

The entities obliged to abide by these RPO percent include distribution licensee, consumers owning captive power plant and open access consumers including short term open access consumers in Haryana.

For RPO of fossil fuel plants based captive plants of 5 MW & above (including co-generation captive 5MW & above) will be required to fulfill the RPO percent of the year the plant was commissioned in. However, RPO of such plants commissioned up to 2018-19 shall be pegged at RPO applicable for the FY 2018-19. Further, as and when the CPP producer adds to the capacity, it will have to provide for additional RPO as obligated in the year in which new capacity is commissioned. 

Provision of banking enabled:

Banking of RE power will be allowed for captive/own use plants on payment of banking charges along with transmission & distribution losses for availing open access. 5% of the power banked (in kind) shall be deducted towards the banking charges.

The banked energy will be allowed to be carry forwarded from month to month in the same financial year, but any banked energy unutilized at the end of the financial year shall lapse and no compensation will be provided for it.

In case of solar any banked energy unutilized in the last quarter of the financial year will be allowed to be carry forwarded in the next financial year.

The banking will be allowed throughout the year, however, the drawl of banked power is not allowed during the peak months (July to mid-October). Also, the drawl of banked power will not be allowed during peak load hours as mentioned in the ToD tariff.


Wheeling & transmission charges to be exempted for the entire life of the project from the date of commissioning for all Captive Solar Power Projects who have submitted applications to 

  • Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) for registration of the project,
  • Purchased land or have taken land on lease for thirty years and
  • Have bought equipment & machinery or invested at least Rs. one crore per Mega Watt for purchase of equipment & machinery for setting up of such Captive Solar Power Projects till 13th February 2019.

Cross-subsidy surcharges and additional surcharges will not be applicable for Captive Solar Power Projects as per provisions of HERC Regulations (Electricity Act 2003)

No exemptions of wheeling and transmission charges, cross-subsidy surcharges and additional surcharges shall be given to solar/non-solar power Projects set up by IPP/generators for third party sale.


Consumers shall be allowed to install Rooftop solar power plant irrespective of their sanctioned load and will be allowed to sell the power generated to HPPC at their least discovered solar power procurement price of the latest preceding financial year, however, these consumers cannot avail the benefit of net metering.

Haryana has recently also announced its final Forecasting & Scheduling regulations for solar & wind 2019.