Punjab Electricity Regulatory Commission had recently announced its regulations for  Forecasting, Scheduling, Deviation Settlement and Related Matters of Solar and Wind Generation sources, followed by which Punjab State Transmission Corporation Limited (PSTCL) published its procedure on 29th September 2019. The state has a total solar installed capacity of approximately 905 MW as of October 2019. The summary of the procedure is as below:

Title: Procedure For Forecasting, Scheduling and Deviation Settlement of Solar & Wind Generation 

Applicability: A preparatory window of 6 months is provided to the stakeholders to upgrade according to the procedure requirements.

Eligibility: The Procedure will be applicable to all wind and solar generators with individual capacity of 5 MW and above connected to the State Transmission System or distribution system or RE generators of any capacity connected to pooling stations with a combined capacity of 5 MW & above, supplying power to the distribution companies or to the third party through open access or for captive consumption through open access within or outside the State. 

Deviation Accounting: The deviation accounting can be either carried out based on the Available Capacity:- 

Point of Forecasting: Pooling Station or STU Feeder where the injection is made.

Key points

  • Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is made mandatory for both old & new plants at the billing end. For the existing plants, the STU (PSTCL) will provide the AMR system (To be made functional across all the existing plants within a year)
  • The DSM calculation will take place on the basis of the AMR reading(capable of recording the energy in 15-min time block or less), hence having AMR installed is mandatory
  • De-pooling of the plants will be based on the actual generation
  • Weekly Accounting and Deviation Settlement post the implementation of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) will be done by 00.00 hours on every Thursday. The SLDC will process the weekly Energy Account Statement and weekly DSM account of the pooling station by 24.00 hours of next Tuesday on its website.

Determination of DSM Charges in case of under-injection or over-injection in transactions

Role of the QCA:

  • Provide day ahead, weak ahead and intra-day forecast, schedules and periodic revisions;
  • Coordination with DISCOM/STU/SLDC for metering, data collection, communication/issuance of dispatch/curtailment.
  • De-pooling of charges among generators.
  • Commercial settlement of DSM charges and all other ancillary and incidental matters.
  • The QCA shall furnish weekly meter readings to the SLDC by 00.00 hours on Thursday of the previous week, in addition to the data provided to the SCADA Centre, for the purpose of energy accounting under these Regulations.


16 revisions are permitted in a day and there may be one revision for each time slot of one and half hours starting from 00.00 hours of a particular day. Such revisions will be effective from the fourth (4th) time block, the first being the time-block in which notice was given.