The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy recently announced an amendment to it’s previously published “National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy.” The change is announced in (ii) 5.2 of clause no.5 Implementation Agency.

According to the amendment, the RPO contribution of Obligated Entities (OE) consuming energy from the hybrid wind-solar plants will be based on the relative proportion of energy contributed by each source which will be calculated based on the ratio of the declared capacities of each of those sources in the PPA. 

However, the Obligated Entities have the option to chose the proportion from each source based on the actual ratios of the installed capacities of those sources and not necessarily the capacities indicated in the PPA.

MNRE announced the National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy in 2018, to encourage the installation of large-scale hybrid plants in the country. The Policy also intends to improve grid stability & infrastructure while encouraging the installation of hybrid wind-solar plants.