The June trade session saw the Non-solar clearing price maintaining a low profile at the floor price of INR 1,000 at both the exchange platforms. However, Solar Market Clearing Price (MCP) crashed to INR 1,010 on PXIL and INR 1000 on IEX which was mainly due to June being the last month before the applicability of New Floor & forbearance prices as finalised by CERC for the RECs which are issued after 1st April 2017. 

Non-Solar: Non-solar RECs traded at the price of INR 1,000/REC at IEX (floor price) INR 1000/REC at PXIL (floor price). A total of  259,558 RECs were traded in this session. No Vintage RECs were traded.

Solar: The total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 89,498 at INR 1,000/REC at IEX (floor price) and INR 1,010 PXIL (1% above the floor price).

The overall trade volume (349,056 RECs) increased by 4.58% from the last months’ trade volume ( 333,770 RECs).