Goa Energy Development Agency (GEDA) has approved the solar policy for the year 2017.

The policy has been approved five months after the draft policy was released and shall be applicable form the date of notification up to 7 years whereas the PPA’s signed under this policy shall be valid for the period of the agreement. Under REC mechanism, solar power plants shall be set up and the power generated by them shall be sold to GED at the average power purchase cost.

Development of solar projects for sale of electricity to third party as well as GED shall be promoted by the state. The producer will have to pay the wheeling charges as per the rates determined by JERC. The state government shall reserve the right to procure 10% of the power so generated.

The prosumer/developer shall be given subsidy received from the Government of India as per MNRE guidelines and the state government shall grant 50% of the capital cost/ benchmark cost provided by MNRE, whichever is lower, for solar plants of upto 100 kW size. Role of department of electricity, Goa is to provide banking facility for solar energy, conduct feasibility study for evacuation facility, etc.

Time frame for implementation of project for solar projects beyond 100 kW capacity through reverse bidding:



The policy can be accessed here.

GEDA is Directed to Monitor RPO In Gujarat

The Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) has directed the state nodal agency GEDA to the renewable power purchase obligation on regular basis and submit the report to the Commission quarterly basis.

We believe this is an encouraging step, albeit a small one towards enforcement of RPO regulations. A major shortcoming in the Gujarat regulation is that captive and open access users currently do not have any obligation. The regulation states:

Clause 1(iii) – These Regulations, excluding clause 8 shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Gazette.

Clause 8.1 – The quantum of RPO mentioned in clause 4.1 shall be applicable to captive and open access user(s)/ consumer(s) from the date as would be notified in the Official Gazette.

Till date the separate gazette notification for captive and open access users has not materialized.


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