REC Trade Result – September 2018

Non-Solar: The shortage of Non-solar RECs continues in the current session of September 2018. This session the RECs were traded at the price of INR 1300 at PXIL (30% above the floor price) and INR 1100 at IEX (10% above the floor price). A total of 3,45,576 RECs were traded in this session leaving an inventory of 18,83,673 Non-Solar RECs.

Solar: Total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 15,58,062 (220% increase from the last months’ trade). The clearing ratio was 37.10% at PXIL & 100% at IEX respectively (w.r.t floor price). RECs traded at the floor price, i.e. INR 1000 at PXIL and IEX both respectively. This was the highest ever Solar REC trade by volume, and the second time in the history of REC trading, where the solar REC trading volume surpassed 10 lakh, leaving behind an inventory of just 7,82,333 Solar RECs.

The overall trade volume (19,03,638 RECs) increased by almost 132% from the last months’ trade volume (8,19,608 RECs). In the last six months, this trading session has recorded the highest clearance to issuance ratio.

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