Govt mulling to introduce hydro tradable certificates

As per an article in Economic Times (refer), government is using an accelerated approach towards promotion of India’s hydro power assets. A recent progress on this pertains to introduction of tradable hydro certificates (on the lines of RECs). Demand for these tradable hydro certificates will be generated from a separate hydro power purchase obligation, a concept note on which has already been circulated among various stakeholders. A relevant amendment to Electricity Act,on the issue, is also likely to be tabled.

In India, hydro power has huge installed capacity in northern and north-eastern states. This unequal distribution can be fixed by making states procure a certain fixed quantum of hydro power.

India has 144320 MW of potential out of which only 40,000 MW has been commissioned.

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Financial assistance for small hydro power projects

According to a recent  release (Release no.101304) in press information bureau of India, the Hon’ble minister for new and renewable energy has produced in a written note to Lok Sabha, that financial assistance will be provided to states from GoI to develop more small hydro power projects. MNRE is providing central financial assistance (CFA) to small hydro power projects in both private and public sectors. Through the assistance MNRE also expects states to identify more potential sites.

Vital information pertaining to previous funds was also provided.

MNRE quotes that the total funds released under SHP Programme during 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 were Rs. 151.99 crores, Rs.154.45 crores and Rs.158.92 crores respectively. 6474 potential SHP sites with an aggregate capacity of 19,749 MW have been identified in the country. So far, 985 small hydro power projects with an aggregate capacity of 3754 MW have been setup and 265 projects aggregating to 945 MW are under implementation in various States.

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