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Analysis of RECs trading – Feb 23, 2022 session

RECs trading took place today on both the exchange platforms (ie. IEX & PXIL). 

During the February trade session, RECs worth Rs 102 crores were transacted. 

Non-Solar: Non-Solar RECs traded at the price of INR 1,000/REC at IEX (floor price) INR and 1000/REC at PXIL (floor price). A total of  604,997 RECs were traded in this session. No Vintage RECs were traded. 

Solar: The total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 180,037 at INR 2,300/REC at IEX and  INR 2,201 at PXIL.

Also note that CERC has proposed significant changes in the RECs mechanism. A detailed analysis is here –

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