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Working at REConnect Energy entails taking ownership of responsibilities and outcomes from the first day. We believe in working with people with aligned visions of a more sustainable world enabled by technology and creating the right environment for self growth through working on big impact problems.

We hire through the year and are always open to hear from talented individuals interested in the work we do. More than 50% of our workforce are recent graduates who can thrive in a fast paced environment and we encourage young professionals to apply to all relevant positions.

# Software Engineer (Data Platforms)

The Software Engineer will help design, develop and maintain a platform to download/extract multivariate data from several sources, store data and make it available for use via micro-services. Role requires handling of near real-time data flows from several sources in a structured manner. Additional expectations will be to support Data Science and Operations activities with automation of work-flows. Qualified candidates will have experience working with data manipulation and integration tasks in a production environment and will be comfortable with taking full ownership and responsibility of projects.

# Research Engineer (Energy GIS)

The job requires an interdisciplinary approach to solving engineering and scientific computing problems whilst also understanding and meeting business requirements, developing GIS capabilities, producing shape files, applying Processing and Machine Learning algorithms to satellite images, IR images, etc.

# Meteorologist

The job profile requires an inter-disciplinary approach to solving technical problems whilst also understanding the business requirements. Everyday tasks include:

  • Setting up and running global and regional weather models.
  • Dissemination of global NWP data into usable parameters and formats.
  • Comparative analysis on multiple sources of weather forecast and observational data.
  • Development of methods to improve the accuracy of operational weather forecasts.
  • Identification and characterization of complex relationships between multiple
  • weather parameters and renewable energy generation.
  • Providing inputs for new product development and improvements to existing products
  • and services.
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# Staff Member

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