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APTRANSCO proposes amendments to the APERC DSM regulations for wind and solar

In a recent development, the Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh has submitted a proposal, suggesting amendments in the present APERC (Forecasting, Scheduling and
Deviation Settlement of Solar and Wind Generation Regulation, 2017) which is effective since 01.07.2018 for levying and collection of deviation charges from Qualified Coordinating Agencies (QCA).
A report was submitted by the APSLDC describing the issues faced by them & the state distribution companies and has requested amendments to the above-stated regulations as fit suitable to them.
Views/Objections/Suggestions are invited from all stakeholders on the subject on or before 04.03.2020. The original regulation clauses and suggested changes are below:

This would have the following impact:

  • May significantly increase the liability of DSM charges on the Generators.
  • Cause various operational, legal and commercial problems due shift from Aggregate to PSS level forecast, as most Generators may now opt for changing their QCAs, and will result in a major operational exercise for the SLDC as well.
  • Having just the Day Ahead forecast will lead to major deviations in itself. This will not meet the regulatory objective of having lesser variations from RE, which is otherwise possible with Intra Day revisions, that is currently allowed in the Regulation.

Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission has organised a Public Hearing 10th March 2020 (Tuesday) at 10.30hrs in the court hall of APERC in Hyderabad.