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Karnataka further extends renewable purchase obligation timeline for FY 2020

In a recent announcement, Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission(KERC) further extended the timeline for compliance of Renewable purchase obligation(RPO) for FY 2020. According to the order published on 24th August, 2020, the obligated entities as defined in the principal regulations i.e. Distribution Licensees, Grid-connected Captive Consumers and Open Access Consumers are now allowed to fulfill their RPO for FY 2020 until 30th November 2020.
Failure to compliance by the Obligated Entity, would result in purchase of RECs to the extent of 110% of quantum shortfall as per the regulations by 31st December 2020.
The extension has been given considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. The Commission also noted the interim order dated 24th July, 2020 of Hon’ble ATE which has postponed the trading of RECs until the next date of hearing. Karnataka is one of the states which has announced individual obligation percentage for all the obligated entities.