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REC Trade Result – May 2020

The May trade session saw the Non-solar clearing price maintaining a low profile at the floor price of INR 1,000 (Since March 2020, consecutively for the second month, the non-solar clearing price are at the floor price)  at both the exchange platform and Solar clearing price also took a plunge on IEX & PXIL as well. The Market continued to show a dull sentiment to REC trading due to the announcement of Draft Floor & forbearance prices 2020 by CERC. 
Non-Solar: non-solar RECs traded at the price of INR 1,000/REC at IEX ( floor price) INR 1000/REC at PXIL (floor price). A total of  292,301 RECs were traded in this session. No Vintage RECs were traded. 
Solar: The total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 41,469 at INR 2,000/REC at IEX (100% above the floor price) and 1,800 PXIL (80% above the floor price)
The overall trade volume (333,770RECs) increased by 40% from the last months’ trade volume ( 237,935 RECs).