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Renewable Regulatory Fund

This month trading saw good results with respect to the Non solar REC clearance overall. The demand for solar REC saw marginal improvement in respect to the last month. The total transaction value stood at 74.4 Crores in comparison to

Analysis of Trading:   Non Solar – The clearing ratio stood at 1.9% and 2.06% in both IEX and PXIL, with a significant increase of 46% in the no. of REC’s traded as compared to last month Solar – Clearing ratio stood at 0.86 % and 1.16%

KERC has notified Fourth Amendment to KERC (Procurement of Energy from Renewable Resources) Regulations on October 26th, 2016. The draft of the proposed amendment is available in The highlights of the amendment are: RPO obligation is on captive plant, grid connected plants and open

Madhya Pradesh Electricity regulatory Commission (MPERC) recently ordered amendment for its Cogeneration and Generation of Electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy Regulation 2010. The new amendment has defined the minimum quantum of electricity to be procured by all the Obligated Entities

The month of September trading saw significant decrease in the demand for both Solar and Non-Solar RECs as compared to last month. The total transaction value stood at 37.5 Crores in comparison to 52 Crores last month. Analysis of Trading: Non Solar – The