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ESCerts Trade Summary – Session 1 (26/10/21)

First ESCerts trading session for PAT Cycle II(2016-2019) took place yesterday on both the exchange platform i.e. IEX and PXIL.

Since this was the first session of PAT cycle II, there were a lot of uncertainties with respect to price and volume from both sellers and buyers. 

On IEX, there was a demand for 99249 ESCerts against a total supply of 518499 ESCerts. Market Clearance price was determined at Rs.250/ESCerts with the Market Clearance volume of 43409 ESCerts.

Total supply on PXIL was 8700 ESCerts whereas total demand was 500 ESCerts. None of the ESCerts got traded on PXIL during this session as there was quite a huge gap in price expectations of buyers and sellers. As a result there was no clearance of volume..

Market share of REConnect during this trade session was 100% on IEX.

ESCerts Market Trade Report – 26/10/2021
IEXPXILTotal / Average
Sell Bids518,4998,700527,199
Buy Bids99,24950099,749
Market Clearing Price (Rs./ESCerts)250250
Market Clearing Volume (ESCerts)43,40943,409
Transaction Value (Rs. Crore)1.091.09
REConnect Market Share (w.r.t Clearing Volume)100%

Buy & Sell curve of ESCerts for PAT II Trade commenced on 26 Oct’21:

source: IEX

A reference of the trade result from the 14 trading sessions of PAT I Trade is as below: