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REC trade result – August 2019

The August trade session saw a reduction in demand for both non-solar & solar.  In the case of supply, the availability of solar & non-solar both reduced from last trade session. Prices increased for both solar & non-solar RECs on IEX.
 Non-Solar: non-solar RECs traded at the price of INR 1500 at PXIL (50% above the floor price) and INR 1750 at IEX (75% above the floor price). A total of 361,666 RECs were traded in this session. The total RECs also include vintage RECs (130) at INR 1500
 Solar: The total number of solar RECs traded in this session was 68,847.  RECs traded at Rs 2,000 at PXIL (100% above the floor price) and at Rs 2100 at IEX (110% above the floor price). 
 The overall trade volume (430,513 RECs) decreased by almost 37% from the last months’ trade volume (692,628 RECs).